FIX Windows Resource Protection found corrupt files but was unable to fix Windows 10 8 Windows Tips & How-tos

The system will be restored to a point where your registries were not broken. MiniTool Photo RecoveryQuick, easy solution for media file disaster recovery. MiniTool Power Data RecoveryComplete data recovery solution with no compromise. You will see instructions on how to fix the registry issue on your PC in the software. Follow the instructions and your issue should be fixed.

  • Once you complete the steps, the hard drive should now be free of errors and bad sectors, and it should start working correctly again.
  • Similar packages, WAMP and MAMP, are also available for Windows and macOS, with the first letter standing for the respective operating system.
  • In other words, system files are core files that keep Windows working the way it’s supposed to.

In this article, we will cover how to fix this issue. Hopefully, this article will be helpful in your quest to fix this error. This error can be problematic since it will force your PC to restart, but we hope that you managed to fix it using our solutions. Step 2.Click Start button on the pop-up window to start a complete scanning for selected partition.

After each action, check to see if the error problem has been fixed. Your computer should list a hard drive installed on the main page or the drives page in CMOS setup. If CMOS indicates the drive is not installed or not detected, skip to hard drive is bad or not connected properly. SeaTools is the Seagate-specific hard drive tool.

To restore the integrity of a Windows system, use the SFC and DISM functions. They will scan your system and automatically restore missing files. The process of use is described in detail on our site.

Solutions To Solve SFC Is Not Working On Windows

The uncorrectable WHEA error is a stop code that is displayed during blue screen crashes, and it is usually caused by some kind of hardware failure. A failing hard drive, bad memory, a poorly seated CPU, and a variety of other hardware problems can lead to an whea uncorrectable error. Whea’s uncorrectable error is a BSoD error usually caused by a faulty hard drive, a faulty memory module, a badly seated CPU, or other hardware issues. However, in a lucky situation, it could be a problem with incompatible drivers. To perform a BIOS troubleshooting, you can access your PC’s BIOS by pressing the Windows key and selecting advanced options. Pressing Enter will run a command prompt that will scan for possible errors and correct them.

When the installation is successful, click Close to complete the installation process. If your system only supports one of the two options, you will not be able to select which backend to use. Docker only supports Docker Desktop on Windows for those versions of Windows 10 that are still within Microsoft’s servicing timeline. After the restart, the system will then search and install the missing display driver on your computer. A dialog box asking for confirmation to restart the computer will display on the screen.

Common Windows Registry Errors and How to Fix Them

We hope that now you know what does the WHEA Uncorrectable blue screen error mean and how to resolve the error. If any of the methods More Info don’t work for you, then do let us know. All your queries and suggestions are welcomed. Now to boot the system in Safe Mode, just press number key 4 when on the Startup Settings screen. To start CHKDSK to run the program, select“Start”and then type“CMD”and select“Run as an Administrator”on the right-hand side of the panel. You can fix the error by right-clicking and choosing either updating the driver or uninstalling and reinstalling the correct driver.

Companies should take better responsibility in making their products last longer rather than shorter and then contributing to more waste all of the time. The amount of work developers continue to do is really amazing; even so, if you like to play with different programs in Windows, Linux is very limited in scope. If you’re OK with what’s available, and there are some top notch apps available, no problem. Linux is free, so the community gets a pass from me; Windows does not. Ubuntu based distros tend to have decent graphics support but nothing like the Control Panel in Windows. As has been said, you do not have to learn the command line.